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Blue Angels Experience

When the Blue Angels announced they would be performing at the St. George Airport in March 2012, I contacted them about a possible photoshoot with the Spirit of America Corvette and they were very nice and accepted my proposal however they wanted to know if I could arrange a car show at theevent.As vice president of the Color Country Corvette club once the idea was presented all club members joined in to help.  We contacted other local car clubs and soon had over 100 cars ready to attend.  We started early the first morning setting up the car show and both were a great success. Thanks to the Blue Angels for a great performance, my photo shoot and everything they do to promote Patriotism.

    The Blue Angels were established as a Navy flight exhibition team on April 24th 1946 to generate public support of Naval aviation, to boost morale and also demonstrate Naval air power.  The hand picked pilots spent countless hours training and developing the air shows.      They flew Grumman F6F-5 Hellcats and their first demonstration was May 10th 1946 in front on Navy officials which cleared the way for the first public flight demonstration from their base in Jacksonville Florida on June 5th and 16th 1946.


Early the second morning was the photo shoot.  I moved the Corvette near the aircraft andmet the pilot. We didn't have much time before the opening for the day and what a great opportunity.

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